Archie's Dilemma

Ok, I'm bored. What can a pussycat do?
I could play with that wine bottle cork over there
Or I could eat something
Smells ok, but I'm not hungry
What can I do?
I could bother Rocky
He's just sitting there looking stupid
I could jump on him right now
He wouldn't even see it coming.
Give him a coupla right jabs in the face
He wouldn't know what hit him.
That would be a lot of fun
But then he'd be really pissed
And chase me all over the house
And he wouldn't quit till he caught me
Then he'd just take a few pussy nips at me
And walk away while I laugh at him.
He could kick my ass if he really wanted to
But he's too dumb to know that
I worry that one day I'll tease him too much
And he won't be so easy on me.
I can't imagine that though, he's so dopey.
Look at him. Sitting there staring into space.
Not thinking about anything, the goof.
Watch this. I'm gonna nail him. He's asking for it.
Lemme get into position then I'll jump him.
Oh, shit. I think he saw me. YAHHH he's after me!
I was only kidding with you - what'd you bite me for?
Pretend like it hurt.
Next time, I’ll make sure he doesn't see me.
OK, what can I do now?

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